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The Studies & Results Are In & Garcinia Cambogia Works

aim2011-garciniaWe have no doubt about it… you’re likely here and reading this because the buzz about garcinia cambogia extract has led you here. The iconic health expert, Dr. Oz, skyrocketed interest in this supplement when he featured it on his show and gave it a nickname it has become well-deserving of: The holy grail of weight loss. Once you get a reputation and a name like that, it can be hard to live up to. People expect miracles. People expect it to happen overnight. So can this extract do just that and live up to the hype? AlivebyNature.com explains it best, but here’s our take… 

When we first heard about garcinia, now commonly referred to as HCA extract, we knew we had to pay attention. We knew people were going to want real answers and info from someone other than celebrities. Let’s face it, Dr. Oz is a celebrity and he has ratings to worry about. While much of what he shares on the show is very helpful, we all know that there are underlying promotions sprinkled in… even if he does claim not to endorse anything particular (Meratrim anyone? This isn’t a general ingredient or basic supplement – it’s a name brand developed by one company. How is that not endorsement?).

Tamarind: The Fruit Behind the Magic 

Garcinia cambogia comes from the fruit tamarind. It’s been highly praised and commonly used in the past for the healing properties it contains. But most of us never really knew or understood how it can provide nutritional value. Dr. Julie Chen, an expert in integrative health and medicine, shared her take on this new pill and what studies have shown. She says that using garcinia in combination with decent diet and exercise could make you lose as much as three times more weight than just dieting and exercising alone. She also pointed out that if you’re an emotional eater, which can cause cravings that can kill any diet, it may work especially well for you. That’s thanks to how it increases serotonin levels. 

Losing weight without any effort? Yep. She says that it’s possible. Even if you don’t diet or exercise, it still burns fat and promotes weight loss with no effort at all. But we caution you to not think of it as the miracle pill, but a key to finally unlocking the door and getting on the path to a healthier you. Yes, it can help you lose weight fast in a short amount of time, but overall we want to be healthier, right?

So what’s the secret to garcinia cambogia? How can you can lose weight with it even if you aren’t dieting or exercising? The first answer to that is the ingredient hydroxycitric acid, which is what researchers say is what gives it its power to force fat burning. 

The second answer is that it works in several way simultaneously to promote safe, natural weight loss. First, it controls your appetite and thanks to an increase in serotonin helps to alleviate cravings. Second, it has a dual-action fat burning process. It burns fat and in a non-technical jargon way of explaining it – retrains your liver in the way it works so it’s much more difficult for your body to create new fat. So overall, you’re eating less and at the same time you’re burning fat & preventing the formation of new fat. How could you NOT lose weight? 


Buying health supplements shouldn’t be something done on a whim as if you’re grabbing a beef jerkey from the grocery store isle. There are many good, effective supplements you can find at a discount, but there are also some that are a waste of money or worse, could be harmful to your health. We hope we can help prevent that happening to at least some of you, so please heed our warnings. If you want to know which garcinia extract we recommend, it would have to be this one. It’s sold on AlivebyNature, but you can also pick it up from Amazon if you prefer.


garciniabanner270613Why do we recommend that particular brand? Several reasons actually. First, they’ve been around a long time and have a long track record of happy customers and being helpful and honest. Secondly, they meet (or exceed) all the points below, which should always be verified (and are what Dr. Oz recommends, too):


  • It’s all natural (always a good thing)
  • It clearly provides 60% HCA
  • Continues to receive amazing feedback
  • Has 600mg per capsule
  • You don’t get ripped off with it being full of fillers
  • You get the most amazing money back guarantee we’ve seen (no questions asked, no return authorizations, nothing!)